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The Day Scholars settlement includes a $50 million Day Scholars Revitalization Fund to be used to support healing, wellness, education, language, culture, heritage, and commemoration for the benefit of the Survivor and Descendant Classes. The funds will be administered by a non-profit society that is independent of Canada and Class Counsel. Canada or Class Counsel are not involved in making decisions on who receives funding through the Day Scholars Revitalization Fund.

Day Scholars and their children will be able to apply for funding from the Society. The Day Scholars Revitalization Society, which will administer the Fund, is currently being established.  The process for applying for a grant from the Day Scholars Revitalization Society is completely separate from the administration of the Day Scholars Compensation Payments. Neither Canada nor Class Counsel will be involved in determining who receives funding from the Day Scholars Revitalization Fund. 

Information regarding when the Society will start receiving applications for funding will be posted on this website when available. 

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